5 Best Non Hipster Vegan Beers

5 Best Non Hipster Vegan Beers

Craft beer is great. We love the stuff. We also like an easy life and having money in our pocket. So yeah you can spend time sourcing an ultra hipster vegan craft beer but sometimes you can’t be fucked with that and what you really want/need is an ice cold, refreshing beer that won’t break the bank but will kill your thirst.

Here is our pick of plain old average beers you can pick up everywhere that just so happen to be vegan.

5. Tennent’s – 4%

To be honest, Tennent’s made it onto this list on sentiment alone. Bland, nondescript, relatively flavourless and weak as piss. But… Was it our first pint? Yes. If all else fails will a Tennent’s do the job? Yes. if you want value for money, Tennent’s is your man. If you are feeling spicy you can even throw in a splash of blackcurrant cordial for a beautiful traditional Scottish cocktail. The best part? In the right boozer, in the right part of town, you can still nab yourself five pints of the stuff from that solitary £10 note in your pocket. Unbeatable.

4. Pabst Blue Ribbon – 5%

Non offensive, tasty when ice cold and perfect as a session beer. In our opinion, American beers generally suck. Bud is boring and Miller can just get in the bin. By no means an award winning piece of beer making prowess but on a hot summers day you cannot go wrong. An upgrade from Tennent’s to show everyone you are cultured.

3. Estrella Damm – 4.6%

Is it the stirring of memories of being on the beach in the Costa Del Sol or late night street beers in Barcelona? Whatever it is, a nice cold pint of Estrella never ceases to amaze. Although in the UK it is a little bit weaker than on the continent it still manages to hit the right buttons. A word of warning, make sure you are near the tap to point the bar-person in the right direction or you could end up with a pint of Stella. That, friends, would be a tragedy.

2. Peroni – 5.1%

Now this was a tough one to add to the list but we felt it had to be in there. You’re not gonna get much change from a fiver for a pint of this bad boy but god damn is it worth it. Crisp, refreshing and definitely good value for getting you tipsy on just 3 or 4. However, where it really shines is from the bottle. Don’t ask us why but it does. It’s science.

1. Heineken – 5%

In our opinion, the king. The perfect combination of water, malted barley and hops that never fails to refresh. Will it win an award for the best beer in the world? No. But will it quench your thirst like no other? You know it. A pilgrimage to the Heineken brewery in Amsterdam is by far the best way to enjoy this legend but for the purposes of this list, a simple visit to Wetherspoons will suffice.

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