Apple Pie Smoothie

Apple Pie Smoothie

Apple Pie Smoothie

It's starting to heat up out there so what better way to enjoy something sweet than a favourite classic dessert in frozen form. We love an apple pie but in this hot weather, no thank you. This smoothie isn't just for pudding and can be enjoyed as a breakfast treat too. 



1 frozen banana 

3-4 cubes frozen apple puree

A handful of ice cubes

2-3 tbsp vegan yogurt

1 tbsp nut butter

1 tsp maple syrup 

50g rolled oats

100ml plant milk of your choice 

Dash of ground mixed spice 

Whipped cream on top (optional)



To make the apple puree wash and cut a few apples then put in the blender. Blend for a few minutes at a high speed. Pour the puree into an ice cube mold and allow to set for a few hours.

Put all the frozen ingredients into the blender along with plant milk, yogurt, nut butter, maple syrup, rolled oats and the ground mix spice. Blend until smooth, top with cream, and add another dash of mixed spice. Serve immediately. You're welcome. 

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